This blog is about helping you get a job and building your career. Whether you are in college, recently graduated or a fairly senior student still looking for a job, this blog is for you. This blog is also for those who are fresh in their jobs and still deciding whether to make a career out of it. Most job interviews or placement teams are not technical. They are HR people doing the initial filtering. General awareness, smart dress and posture, positive attitude, good communication skills are what they are looking for. They may also enquire regarding your reading and comprehension abilities, and your ability to work in a team (group behaviour).If you are “street smart”, with a basic technical grasp of your subject, you will easily get through. Unfortunately, most students do not get through. Placement drives in colleges pick up only 2 or 3 bright students and tell the others that they “have their names on their panels”.

I know, because I have been a Principal of an Engineering College for nearly a decade. Every year the story is the same. Those who do not get placed, add to the jobless roaming the streets. It is the beginning of a long period of e-mailing CVs for every job advertisement, and waiting for a call letter which never arrives. Low placement is due to lack of “Life Skills” – the way you dress, walk, talk, think and behave. They do not teach you these in college. They do not even teach you how to read an article, or write an essay or a report.

Colleges do not teach you anything about self – awareness – what you are good at, what you like or dislike, what you need against what you wish. They do not teach you about emotional intelligence – why you get angry, what makes you happy, what makes you contented – how to make others comfortable! Colleges do not guide you to identify what type of a job you are fit for or what you like doing. Do you want a desk type research job, an outdoor marketing job, a shop floor production job or simply a “call centre” type of job with no responsibilities? I will cover these topics in my blog.

Interview skills, Personality Assessment, Job Selection, Studying / Researching skills, Reading Skills are some of the topics which will be useful to you. I will also discuss one book every month of fortnight. These are books worth reading. We will identify the author’s views, asses them, formulate our own views and be knowledgeable about the topic. Interviewers often enquire about your reading habits – and the stock answer is “newspaper and magazines” – which is not even true! I served as an officer in the Indian Army for 35 yrs before retiring as a Brigadier. The Army (or Defence Forces) is a very good career option and I have had several students ask me how they can join. I will be covering this also in my articles on life in the army and how to get in.

I was a Director in a Public Sector (Bharat Dynamics Ltd – Hyderabad) for over ten years after I retired from the Army. This is a defence public sectorundertaking.With the growing needs of the defence forces, the company expanded in a big way and is still doing so. We required to recruit several young engineers (Management Trainees).We picked up smart boys and girls from colleges, rather than look for how many backlogs they had. Even these boys and girls had to be trained for a year on basic engineering and life skills. We even had to teach them how to wear shoes instead of chappals, full sleeved shirts instead of T shirts with “I Love You” printed on them.

I intend to make you better prepared to get through such Public Sector interviews (apart from getting a good GATE score). Every student has aspirations. Every student also has capabilities and potential. It is a matter of direction and shaping. You can do it. This blog is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be  – and My goal is simple – to make career success stories – one student at a time. Let’s start the journey.