This blog is about helping you get a job and building your career.

Whether you are in college, recently graduated or a fairly senior student still looking for a job, this blog is for you.

This blog is also for you, if you  fresh in your job and still deciding whether to make a career out of it.

Placement drives in colleges pick up only 2 or 3 bright students. They tell the others that they “have their names on their panels”. Politely put, it means, “ please apply elsewhere because we do not have any more vacancies”.

Low placement is due to lack of “Life Skills” . It is the way you dress, walk, talk, think and behave. They do not teach you these in college. Why, they do not even teach you how to read an article, or write an essay or a report.

Colleges do not teach you anything about self – awareness either. Self-awareness is about identifying your strengths and weaknesses. It is about knowing yourself. It is about answering questions like: What you are good at? What do you like? What do you hate?

Colleges do not tell you about emotional intelligence – Why do you get angry? What makes you happy? What makes you contented? How to make others comfortable?

Apart from the above, I will periodically cover Interview skills, Personality Assessment, Job Selection, Studying / Researching skills and Reading Skills.

I will also discuss one book every month of fortnight. These are books worth reading.

I was a Director in a Public Sector (Bharat Dynamics Ltd – Hyderabad) for over ten years after I retired from the Army.  I have personally conducted interviews for thousands of applicants.

I can tell you one thing; we picked up street – smart boys and girls rather than look for how many backlogs they had. Of course we ensured that they had the basic technical knowledge of engineers, but beyond that we did not bother to dig too deep.

With my experience and study of human behaviur, I intend to make you better prepared to get a job (apart from getting a good GATE score).

I know that every student has aspirations, capabilities and potential. It is only a matter of practicing the right skills. With a little guidance and training, you can do it.

My goal is simple: to create success stories out of each one of you – one at a time.